• Fight or flight?

    Posted on February 10, 2009 by in Blog, Personal, Thoughts

    You are done with the flight, wid. It’s time to fight.
    Pictures? Check.
    Songs? Check.
    Now it’s about the person that matter.
    Tinggal tambah expossure stimulusnya koq 🙂
    Semangat widyaaa \(^;^)/

    (dipost sambil menunggu kelas KAUP)

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  1. syadza says:

    siapa wid??!

    klo yang masi yang itu-itu aja orangnya maah berarti bukan ‘the person that matter’,,tapi ‘the feelings that matter’..hahaha. .
    iya bukan?!

  2. aldia says:

    eh,,kepencet pas ngeklik bwt ym,,,jadi akan memberikan tanda hadir dulu ah *a.k.a absen*…

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